We all know someone in our lives that is super productive and just seems to get things done. They leave work on time, they get a work out in before the sun comes out and they even make time to pick up groceries. A productive person makes the best use of their time and applies it on a regular basis. It's not just a Monday thing it's a way of life for them. They use their time wisely and come up with a system that works for them. You too can also learn to kick butt and get things done in a timely and efficient manner. Read on for my tips to being more productive. 

Make a List

I make lists for everything, a grocery list, a book list, an errand list, it's the only way to keep me organized. Making a list will visualize the tasks at hand and will serve as a reminder on the regular. Make a list on your phone, put it on your fridge or post it to another well visited area. Seeing your list on a regular basis will keep your tasks on mind and will hopefully motivate you to get it done. Make sure to keep the list items at a minimum, putting too many items on your "to list" may lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and may put a negative damper on your efforts.  Keep your list short and simple. 


Prioritize things needed to get done. I like to make a list and prioritize things needed to get done from most important to least important that way I know what to focus my attention to immediately and what can be out off until later. For example, if an assignment is due at work I focus on that immediately instead of going through my email or checking phone calls. When a task is completed I check it off my list, checking things off feels good and will give you a sense of accomplishment. 

Set Goals and Timelines

Set a goal and a specific timeline in order to keep you on your toes. Without these, your "to do" list may seem to just go and on with no end in sight. Is your goal to complete a writing assignment within a week? Make a plan and set a specific amount of time each day and dedicate your energy to the task at hand. If need be, take a quick break to reenergize so that you do not get burned out. Set and stick to your deadlines, it may take some perseverance but the end result will be well worth your efforts. 


Get away from distractions such as the tv, email, or social media. Distractions take time away from being productive and in the end may not be of any use towards your end goal. Also learn to say no to distractions that come in the form of co-workers, kindly express your efforts and deny their request to hold a 1 hour informal meeting. Learn to say no, it will benefit you and your productivity. 

Motivation and Rewards

Keep up the good work! Don't lose steam and stick to your commitments. Treat yourself to something special when you complete your goal. If your workout goal was to work out 3 times in a week then treat yourself to a new workout outfit or addition item to your at home gym. If you finished that paper, treat yourself to an hour of tv, take a morning at the spa or read your favorite book. If you can't find time to read a book, listen to an audio book or podcast on the way home. But remember to make the best use of your time. 

"Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort." -Paul J. Meyer

What helps you stay productive throughout the day?


Photo by Jeff Shelton at unsplash.com. 



  1. Calendar! Calendar! Calendar!!!! You're right! Make a list! I even post mine inside my car if I have to!


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