This year get your man something cool, unique, and certain that he will love. I’ve scourged the internet for you and have come up with a few ideas that will have him bursting with joy. No really…you can’t go wrong.

Local Craft Chocolate Beer

Picking up a craft chocolate beer will certainly have your honey swooning. If you’re local brewery does not offer a delicious, chocolate beer then you can buy his favorite stout beer and pair it with some good chocolate. Sweets + Beer = can’t go wrong. For you DFW folks out there, check out Rahrzehnt by Rahr and Son’s.


Tickets-Personal Enrichment Class

Buy your dude tickets to his favorite sporting event, his favorite band or a local educational class that he has been dying to attend such as a movie-making, watercolors for beginners or guitar learning class. A cool idea would also be to take a local massage workshop together. You rub my back, I’ll rub your back.  Win-win situation.


Staycation Getaway

Plan a staycation weekend with your man, after all Valentine’s Day lands on a weekend this year so you are in luck. Check out in a local bed and breakfast or stay in an upscale, downtown condo. Do whatever you want, whether that’s relaxing near the pool, staying in bed, or partying like its 1999. Check out Airbnb for local spots here.


Amazon Prime

With Amazon Prime you get 2-day shipping, TV shows, music and even the ability to borrow Kindle books for a year. It’s a great gift for any sort of man, especially for the one that loves shopping but would never admit to it. Besides it will be nice to be able to “borrow” every once in a while. You can subscribe to Amazon Prime here

Homemade Dinner + Favorite Dessert

This must sound like a no-brainer but a real guy will appreciate the effort put towards a home cooked meal. Does he love apple pie but you refuse to make it because it’s not Thanksgiving anymore people? (guilty!). Make him a special pie or cookie or cake and he’ll be thankful for it. 


Subscription Gift

Subscribe your man to a cool surprise every month. There are hundred’s of subscriptions out there that can be dwindled down to your man’s favorite interests. Check out the subscriptions below, most of which can be found at affordable prices. AND there is a bonus: you don’t have to get out of your pajamas on a Saturday afternoon to get em. Whoo hoo!

Birchbox offers grooming and style products for those clean looking folk.

Gentleman’s Box offers essential elements for today's gentleman. 

Bro Box Club offers products that bro’s would love.

Mistobox is for those that love coffee-morning, evening, and night.

Lootgrate is for gamers, comic book lovers, and nerds alike.

Coupon Book

If you are feeling DIY this time around you can make a coupon book just for him. Leave out the cheesy stuff and make sure to include things he would like such as allowing him to play video games undisturbed for x amount of hours, watch a Lord of the Rings marathon, or chore free day. You can print a coupon book for your honey bunny here


Handmade Items

Give him unique, handmade product such as a wallet from Mr. Lentz or a FactoryTwentyOne phone holder found here. Not only are you supporting local businesses but you will be sure to put a smile on his face.



Car Detail Gift Certificate

Does your man like a clean car? Then get him a gift certificate that he will actually use. Check out a local car detail shop and give him the certificate in a cool card such as this.  


Key Finder

Has your man lost his keys more times than you can count on your hands, feet and toes altogether. Well Tile App to the rescue! Tile app can be attached to anything from keys, phones, bags, and sandwiches (just kidding), whatever you want you name it and it will play a loud tune until you find it-within 100 feet of course. Stop the madness here.


 Man Cave Accessories

Every man’s got one, whether it’s in a nice, furnished spare room or a small corner of the garage, therefore, surprise him with an accessory that he would display proudly.

Star Wars vinyl record clock here


Easy access vinyl frames from Art Vinyl can be found here.


 Beer Cap Map can be found here.


And finally Sports Banners can be found here. Go Cowboys!


There you have it. Hope you were inspired to get your loved one a gift that he will appreciate this season. Until next time!




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