How to Throw a Budget Friendly Lingerie Shower

Several weeks ago I co-hosted a lingerie shower for my dear cousin Eve. She wanted something short and sweet and that is exactly what she got. We had an incredible time AND it didn't hurt that it was hosted on a budget. Who said you can't party on a budget? I don't know about you but with wedding season upon us I like to save wherever I can. In an effort to help my fellow peeps out with ideas for a lingerie shower I came up with a list of things that we did for the shower. Most ideas are DIY or free, and you really can't get any better than that. Feel free to leave your suggestions for a lingerie shower in the comments. I'd love to hear them!


I found a free invitation template here. It was cute and printable and did I mention free? Just type in your text and print. That's it! Cut, stamp, mail, done.


I love DIY projects and like to incorporate then wherever I can. For the table I made a simple tassel garland, I used this tutorial here. It was simple and and re-usable. You can also hang a line of lingerie as decor. It's cute and serves as a gift at the same time. Make sure to buy new lingerie (I hope no one really had to be told this, although you never really know). There are a ton of tutorials out there for other DIY decorations. See here, here, and here for other ideas. 


Budget friendly food may include appetizers and finger foods such as hummus and chips, chicken cheese dip, or spinach dip. Try to serve a simple dish with simple ingredients in order to stay within budget. Our theme was Mexican food, therefore we had pulled pork street tacos, cilantro white rice and black beans along with chips and salsa. It was very delicious thanks to our hosts boyfriend. I'm all for man that cooks! I also made a watermelon punch known in Spanish as Agua de Sandia. It's refreshing and and very easy to make. I included my recipe in this post here


I love games! {insert smiley face here}. They are a fun and exciting way to engage the party in conversation and an easier way to meet people that you may not be familiar with. Games we played included the following:

The Panty Game- stuff a few panties in a vase (once again new pairs only, this is not the place to use used drawers, lol) and have each person guess how many panties are in the vase. Winner gets a prize...and the panties go the the Bride, of course.

What is the Bride Wearing Game- Come up with 8-10 questions regarding the Bride's attire such as what color is the Bride's outfit, how many rings is she wearing, what color is her lipstick, etc, and have each guest guess the answer. It's a nice, simple game to start the night out with.

The Fiance Game- About a week prior to the shower I asked the Groom a bunch of questions about himself and the Bride. Essentially, the Bride guesses as to what she thinks her Fiance responded to the questions with and if she gets an answer wrong, she chews a piece of gum. Trust me, by the end of the game the Bride's jaw will be hurting from all the pieces of gum she's had to chew. This one was especially fun. Questions included, 

Where did you two first meet?

What was your first official date?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

If you could burn any clothing in {Brides} closet what item would that be?

Do you think {Bride} is sexiest in a sundress, jeans and tank top, lingerie or pajamas?

I knew I had found the love of my life...

A perfect wife is one that...

You've gone out for milk and on a whim decide to get {Bride} a treat. What would that treat be?

What is the one song that you {Groom} like but would never admit?

What is your favorite thing about {Bride's} personality?

Most embarrassing thing that's happened to {Bride}?

What is your favorite book/movie/song/celebrity crush?

When you come home you hope {Bride} is?

What is your favorite thing to do outside?

Guess the Guest- Each guess writes something funny, embarrassing, or sweet thing that happened with the Bride on a piece of paper. Bride then tries to guess who wrote the note. This may or may not go quickly depending on how many guests there are. This also was one of my favorite games since it brought out good, forgotten, sweet, and especially hilarious memories. 


Lastly, you can make a cute and sweet favor without breaking the bank. My cousin made a cute "See you at the kiss" favor bag with Hershey's kisses. It was sweet and simple. Other ideas include perhaps a cheap nail polish or hand sanitizer set from you favorite store.

I think that pretty much sums it up for a budget friendly shower. So have fun and don't forget the lingerie!

Yours dearly, 




  1. Happy to know about this lingerie shower. Hope everything went great there. I also want to throw my best friend bridal shower at one of local wedding venues. It would be Alice wonderland tea party bridal shower. Quite excited for it.

    1. Thank you! What a fun theme to play with, I'm sure it will be fun.

  2. Hope to know about this lingerie shower, all things have been good. I want to throw my best friend Bridal Shower. Very excited for it

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