New York City Travel Tips and Things to Do

This post is a bit late but better late than never. This year for Thanksgiving we decided to travel to New York City for 4 days, arrived late Saturday and left Wednesday. It was a bit last minute, but we were able to save a bit of money by traveling on a Saturday instead of the ever popular Thursday. Unfortunately, we missed the Thanksgiving parade, formerly known as Macy's Thanksgiving parade, but nonetheless we did lots of cool things in the short amount of time we were there. Also, we saved money by staying with a family member in Brooklyn which I am ever grateful for. New York hotels were not cheap this time of year.

A few tips for a successful and budget friendly trip include, buy a $20 metro card and take the subway, taxis are expensive and taking the subway will get you anywhere you want to go in the city. Just make sure you are prepared and know what routes you need to take. Also, there are museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) and the American Museum of National History that give "suggestions" as to what to pay. You can pay whatever amount you want, $1 or $100 in order to get in. Of course, I encourage all to support the cause and make a good donation. Bring comfortable shoes because you will be walking ALOT! These museums and huge and more than likely you will not be able to see all of it in a day. We also shopped at the biggest Macy's in the US (West 34th st). I know, I know, I can shop at Macy's at home. But we weren't there long AND I bought a pair of boots for $24. Quite the steal, always trying to save money especially when I'm on vacation. 

We ate lots of food (of course, what kind of vacation would it be if it did not include food), including pizza at Lombardi's Pizza in Little Italy and Kat's Delicatessen in the Lower East Side. Also, Korean BBQ in Flushing, Queens (unfortunately I cannot remember the name) and breakfast at Egg's Restaurant in Brooklyn. We had a bit of everything and it was delicious.

We visited Grand Central Station (which is free!) as well as visited a few different areas of Central Park (also free!). We also saw the spectacular broadway show Cabaret (definitely not free but well worth the money), starring Emma Stone and Adam Cummings. Philip waited outside and got both of their autographs on his play bill after the show. Emma Stone will be part of the play through February 2015 I believe. We also took a ferry ride (about $5) from Brooklyn (Williamsburg) to Manhattan (financial district). It was a short but nice view of the city (see below).  

We also visited Washington, DC for a day and a half (3 hour trip from NYC) and were able to visit a few Smithsonian Museums (all free) including the Air and Space Museum and the American Art and American History Museums. Needless to say, we were a bit museumed (totally made up word) out by the end of our trip. But it was still a fun. After New York City, we traveled to Lancaster, Virginia for Thanksgiving with extended family which included a short fishing stint in the Rappahannock River. Although we didn't catch anything our hosts were kind enough to share their locally caught oysters with us. After eating those delicious oysters (fresh and grilled) I didn't mind that I had endured frigid temperatures earlier in the day. 

Overall, it was an exhausting yet exciting trip that I would do again. Next trip, France??

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