Adventures in Vegetable Gardening

This year I ventured into container gardening with quite the success. I opted to grow 2 tomatoes plants, Cherry and Roma, as well as yellow squash. Unfortunately, I planted too many squashes in too little space, therefore I believe the plants were competing for soil and nutrients. Lesson learned, minimize plants per pot. Also, I forgot to stake my Cherry (indeterminate) plant which grew and grew and grew on me. I ended up semi-staking a wood post in the middle of my pot, another lesson learned, always stake a plant before it gets out of hand. By the way, indeterminate means that the plant keeps growing until it is killed by frost, contrary to determinate which stops growing when the fruit sets on the top bud. Also, I learned Roma tomatoes are probably better for container gardening since they are a bush variety and will not grow out of control. 

Also, I've included a pic of a little friend I found underneath our grill. I found that their webs (and appetite I suppose) were very useful in keeping away the smaller bugs. 

If you've never attempted a garden I strongly encourage you to do so now. It's something to be proud of and a great feeling to know that you can feed yourself if ever a Zombie apocalypse occurs. I'm just sayin, you just never know!

Remember guys, don't forgot to water your plants. They will be ever thankful!

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