Nopalitos Salad

Disclaimer: I meant to post this several weeks, what can I say I WAS LIVIN LIFE!

It's been a long weekend. I've accomplished quite a bit including receiving a full body massage (much deserved), having lunch with my favorite cousin Eve, Bikram yoga class, cooking and driving 12 hours for a wedding in Cabot, Arkansas. For some reason Mother Nature decided to make our return trip last 7 hours instead of 5 hours by creating rainy and windy conditions but we are back and very grateful. Having a 4 day weekend didn't hurt either. 

While on the subject of Arkansas I would like to mention that while we were in north Little Rock we ate at a burger joint called David's Burgers. It is worthy of mention here because when you find a good burger, well I think you should let everyone know you found a great burger. The burger and cookies and cream milk shake was delicious and the fact that they had endless fries was a plus. Endless fries! Not many places have that so I felt it gave this place an advantage over other burger joints. So if you are ever in the area definitely check out their burgers. 

On a healthier note, tonight I made Noplalitos salad to accompany my dinner. I needed a break from burgers and wedding cake tonight. The salad is very easy and pairs great with summer dishes. I know it's not summer yet but I can't help myself. This salad is just so scrumptious. Don't let the cactus scare you off though, you can buy the pre bottled kind to save you time.

You'll need:

Goya tender cactus-30 oz
3 diced Roma tomatoes 
1/2 chopped onion
1  diced jalapeƱo (deseeded for a little less spice)
2 limes juiced

Rinse and drain Nopalitos, chop and place in medium bowl
Add all other ingredients and mix
Add salt to taste

Yummy! Provecho... 




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