Adventures in Hiking

Today we went hiking at the Cedar Hill State Park in Cedar Hill, TX.  There are several different trails at the park including a hiking and biking trail called the Dorba Trail. The other trails are smaller and solely for hiking including the Duck Pond, Overlook and Talala trail. 

There are three routes on the Dorba trail, the outer trail being 12 miles, middle 8 and inner 3 miles. We took the 8 mile trail and found it to be a pretty steady trail. There was nothing too steep and a lot of flat surface. There were lots of trees and even an open field of beautiful bluebonnets on our route. We also took a few minutes to look at the peaceful lake in the early morning. 

There were mile marks about every 2 miles or so that way you can sort of gauge how far along you are on the route. We also called beforehand at 972-291-3900 to make sure that the trails were open. There is nothing worse than showing up the park just to be told that the trails are closed. It is a rainy season after all and you want to make sure that the trails are open. The trails are closed when wet in order to better preserve them. 

Also watch out for snakes. We didn't see any but as you can see Philip carried a stick around just in case. Better safe than sorry, you are after all in the wilderness. 

Overall, it was a good hike and well worth the 3 hours it took to complete it. Remember to always be on the lookout for bikers since they are coming the opposite way. If you see a biker shout it out to the other hikers so that they know to move to the side. It makes life easier for everyone and no one gets trampled. Smiley face!




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